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Coaches Are Always Welcome to Join YFH!

Whether you are already a USA Hockey coach or if you want to obtain your coaching credentials, if you want to be a Young Foxes Hockey coach, please contact us and submit all of the documentation noted below to us. We are always interested in having dedicated parents become more involved in the YFH program! Above all else, it is always about the kids!

Coaches will be required to obtain, and submit to YFH, the following certifications, clearances and trainings to be allowed to participate as a YFH Coach. If you have questions, please contact YFH Head Coach Kelly Uselman (

Become a USA Hockey Coach

This page contains links to the USA Hockey Registration (which is done annually), Coaching Education Program, and Age-Specific Modules.

USA Hockey Coaching Education Program

In short, after registering with USA Hockey, you need to attend a certification class from USA Hockey's Coaching Education Program. 

All coaches must enter USA Hockey’s Coaching Education Program at Level 1. They must continue their education with a coaching clinic each year until, at a minimum, they achieve Level 3. Coaches of only 8U or younger players may remain at Level 1, or other certification level, even if expired, until such time as they are coaching any older age level of play.  Levels 1-3 are one-day seminars that cover topics of all types, ranging from on-ice practice drills and game strategies  to handling off-ice issues such as conflicts with parents and teammates.  Use the links to search for the appropriate class for you.  

If this is your first class, sign up for CEP Level 1.  Level 1 and Level 2 certifications are good for one year.  If you did Level 1 last year, choose CEP Level 2.  If you did Level 2 last year, choose CEP Level 3.  Occasionally there is an on-ice portion in these clinics, so you may need to bring skates, helmet, stick, and gloves.  The clinic description will usually tell you if there is an on-ice component.  

You will also have to complete the appropriate age-specfic modules. These are only required to be taken once. Which modules are required for you will depend on the age of the players you will be coaching.  

If you are already certified, please use the link here to find your current USAH Coaching Level and expiration: If the expiration is listed as December of this year, please register for the appropriate CEP class ASAP! They fill up rather quickly! If December 31 comes along and your Level is not up-to-date, you will not be permitted to step onto the ice or coach a bench. New coaches have until December 31 to complete the Level CEP.  

**YFH will reimburse up to $85.00 of the costs of USA Hockey Coaching Certification to YFH coaches and assistant coaches who successfully pass certification testing and actively participate in YFH activities as a coach and/or assistant coach for YFH teams.  Please contact us for more information and details. **

​USA Hockey SafeSport Compliance

If you are a Young Foxes Hockey coach, you must complete SafeSport Training (core training or refresher) every year. If you have not yet taken the required SafeSport Training for this season, please take it NOW. 

The training is available online and can be accessed through the link below:

The SafeSport Training and Refresher Training are each valid for one (1) season beginning on April 1 of each year. If your position with a USA Hockey program will involve you having regular contact with or authority over minor hockey players or officials, or you are a board member, owner, administrator or staff member of a USA Hockey program, then you are required by federal law and/or the USOPC, the Center for SafeSport or USA Hockey, to complete SafeSport Training as a condition of your participation in USA Hockey programs. Even if you are not required to complete SafeSport Training, you are eligible to do so at no cost and USA Hockey strongly encourages you to complete the training. Persons who have regular contact with minors must complete the training prior to having regular contact with minor participants.

CDC Concussion Module (valid for 2 years)

​USA Hockey Background Screening

In accordance with USA Hockey rules, all Young Foxes Hockey coaches must complete a background check every two years.

In general, if you are in a position of authority over or have regular contact with USA Hockey athletes, including without limitation a staff member, official, coach, board member, coordinator, local program administrator, trainer, locker room monitor, independent contractor, volunteer, medical personnel, or other person with authority over or have regular contact with USA Hockey athletes, then you are required to complete a background check as a condition of your involvement.

Complete your Background Check NOW.

Background checks are conducted by USA Hockey’s screening vendor, the National Center for Safety Initiatives (“NCSI”). To complete your background check with NCSI and to be eligible to coach or serve in any other position where you have regular contact with or authority over minor athletes, please go to and complete your background screen NOW.

**NOTE: The NCSI system "knows" what you will need to complete for Pennsylvania. Although you will be able to start your NCSI screening, you will not be able to complete it until you have completed the Pennsylvania-related clearances referenced in the "Pennsylvania Background Screening" section below. Even if you are required to submit these documents to NCSI, you must send them to YFH (as is required for coaches).  YFH is required  to individually maintain all of these records. **

Pennsylvania Background Screenings

All Young Foxes Hockey coaches must obtain the following Pennsylvania-specific background clearances. Pennsylvania requires that adult volunteers who have direct contact with or are responsible for the welfare of a child must obtain the background check clearances listed below. Please note that if you have already obtained the clearances below for another related position in Pennsylvania (for example, volunteering/working at a school or for volunteer coaching another youth sport), the clearance is transferrable for unpaid volunteer positions. So long as the clearances are current, you do not have to re-do them.

According to Pennsylvania Department of Human Services guidelines, unpaid volunteers – such as YFH volunteers – are required to obtain updated clearances within 60 months of the most recent clearance.


A. PA CHILD ABUSE HISTORY CLEARANCES: This service provides a means for individuals to apply for PA Child Abuse History Clearance online and for mandated reporters to report child abuse in Pennsylvania. This application will prompt you for a comprehensive list of all addresses and household members that you have lived with since 1975.   For volunteers, this clearance is required every five years (60 months). This is required ASAP. While there is no cost, please be sure to select "volunteer position". Please note that it may take up to 2 weeks (14 days) for processing and for you to receive the clearance. 

B. PA STATE POLICE ACCESS TO CRIMINAL HISTORY ("PATCH"):  PATCH provides a means for the individuals to obtain PA criminal history record checks.   For volunteers, this is required every five years (60 months). Responses are immediate.  Print your criminal record check or save it as a PDF.  

C. FBI BACKGROUND CHECK & FINGERPRINTING or AFFIDAVIT. Required for any volunteer or employee who works with children. Valid for five years (60 months). Pennsylvania utilizes IDEMIA to process fingerprint-based FBI criminal background checks. The fingerprint-based background check is a multi-step process. 

AFFIDAVIT. The FBI check and fingerprinting requirement is waived for ONLY volunteers and ONLY if you have lived in PA for at least the last 10 consecutive years. However, you must affirm, in writing that you are not barred from volunteering due to conviction.  The Affidavit is located here:

For more information go to:  Keep Kids Safe (

Supplemental notes: In the context of YFH, the occasional non-coach “parent helper” on the ice for mite, squirt and/or peewee practices or who runs the clock or opens doors, if needed by a coach, for games is not a “volunteer” as contemplated by the PA Act as such individuals are not responsible for the welfare of the children and do not have routine  (regular, ongoing) direct contact with children.  Any on ice “parent helper” who will be on the ice regularly as a volunteer and/or who desires to become a YFH Coach, however, must promptly obtain the required clearances before beginning any volunteering and/or coaching duties, which may be prior to the deadlines established for any other required certifications in a particular season Prospective YFH Coaches who have just moved to Pennsylvania may serve as a “provisional” volunteer as long as they provide the clearances from their home state or jurisdiction and obtain the PA clearances within 30 days.

Coaches & Managers

One of the essential functions of coaches and team managers is to manage team communications with players and their families.  If you are a coach or team manager, SportsEngine has created a Team Management Guide for Coaches and Team Managers to help you use our website and mobile app to efficiently and effectively communicate and manage your teams. 

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Keep connected to your team. Quickly check schedules and team updates, plus message other members on your team and receive heads-up from athletes about practice. Enjoy unlimited access to scores & stats, photo/video sharing, and more.


Accessing TeamCenter

Easily add and edit athlete info, manage schedules, and message team members

Messaging Your Team in TeamCenter

Send a message to an individual member, selected members, or the entire team directly from TeamCenter or from the SportsEngine mobile app

Basic Team Management

Perform basic tasks using the Team Page Team Management functionality

Add Contacts to Receive Team Messages

Add additional email addresses to a non-member's profile in order to be able to include all athletes in team communications

Managing RSVPs

Manage RSVPs for each athlete within your team’s TeamCenter or within the SportsEngine mobile app

Sending RSVPs for Existing Games or Events

Do you import your game schedules from a third-party scheduler or create them manually on your team page? This article explains how to add RSVPs to those games and events after they are imported.

More Helpful Coach Links

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