What People Are Saying About Us

"We're in our third season with the Young Foxes, and my son loves it. Just the right mix of competitiveness and fun.  Everyone Plays!"
                               ~Diane D., Fox Chapel

What a wonderful first year in semi-competitive hockey ... I cannot think of a better first year for us -- as a family -- in youth hockey.
                              ~Caroline W., Fox Chapel

Thank you for your dedication to our kids. Conner is very excited about your program and is enjoying himself. I have never joined a group mid season with as many welcoming parents like the parents of the Young foxes.
                             ~Cammie H., Fox Chapel

My son absolutely loves this program and so do I!  He genuinely likes all of the coaching staff.   Practices seem to run very smoothly and I really like the fact that they work hard.  He is very sweaty when he comes off the ice. In my opinion, YFH has one of the BEST developmental programs in the Pittsburgh area.  I've checked out a few others and I’m very happy that I chose this one.  Great Coaching & Very Organized!   I'd definitely recommend this program to others.  Thanks for a great experience and see you again next season!
                            ~Kathy K., West Deer Twp

We love the few games that they play.  Personally think the YFH has the best developmental program around.  The coaches always encourage the kids and always make sure they are working hard but having fun while doing it.
                           ~Melissa G., Sharpsburg

I've had a chance to watch the Young Foxes Summer Camp the last few weeks.  For a developmental program, the talent on the ice was pretty amazing.  I was very impressed with the coaching and the organization on the ice.  I counted 48 kids, broken into 6 groups (by ability, I think), doing 6 different drills!  If this camp is like one of their normal practices, the kids are going to learn their fundamentals quickly.  This is a GREAT STARTER PROGRAM!  Props to the coaches of the Young Foxes!
                         ~Anonymous Local Hockey Coach

I really don't even know what to say, WOW!  Last night was awesome!  Your camp was quite a workout for Jake.  He was exhausted. The other program he was enrolled in was not as organized and advanced as yours.   Even switching the stations during the drills was organized.  It seamed like there was not a second of down time.  You just kept them going.  Initially, we thought he’d be frustrated by all the drills since he hasn't done many of those kinds before.  Instead he came off the ice saying he Loved It.  It was Awesome!  He said, the harder the practice the more fun he had!  The coaches were great!  I really appreciated how the coaches really paid attention to what each player was doing.  If they did something wrong, the coaches explained it and made them do it again.  Then, gave them positive feedback when they did it right.  I cannot say enough positive things about what I saw last night!  We really appreciate the opportunity to try out a night of camp.   We will definitely be registering Jacob for the Foxes!
                          ~Crystal O., Springdale

When our 10 year old son asked us to play ice hockey, we were not very excited about investigating programs.  However, we found young foxes hockey and quickly realized that we had found the perfect program for our son.  Our son had very little experience skating, but the coaches took the time to show him how to skate and be safe on the ice.  They also helped us acquire equipment that was used, so we were not investing hundreds of dollars.  Most importantly, the dedicated coaches taught the boys how to play on a team and show good sportsmanship.  Many of the other teams we played were better than ours, but the boys still had fun and learned valuable skills both on and off the ice.  I would recommend this program to anyone who is thinking about exposing their child to hockey, as it was a safe and fun way to learn to play the sport.
                          ~Jennifer & Mitch C., CA
       (We're definitely going to miss Young Foxes Hockey.)